Wednesday, 10 May 2017


The  beauty of someone or something always lies in the eyes of the beholder.
 The pride of Maa land is the love for Nature and traditionally made Neck pieces, Earrings, wrist bands, rungus, shukas, sandals, clutch bags, beaded scarfs, traditional portraits and art works.
Let’s now narrow down to specific items; In stock there are several types of Neck pieces.

 The beauty in this is the fact that is simple and light. It has an extended art.
It goes for Ksh. 800

 The beauty with this is that it is beautiful,very simple and very light Comparing this with the other one,this has no extended art It
 goes for Ksh. 500 only

 The good bit of this one is that it has three extended art, very colorful and appealing to the eye. Very traditional and can wear a lot of outfits.
 The price is Ksh 1000 only

The 3 in 1 neck piece with a golden- ish knot Three very sizeable neck piece with different colors bringing the beauty in it
Price- Ksh 1500 only

The 3 in 1 piece but not like the previous The difference is that this has one color dominating and the art in it is the three quartered size
 Price- Ksh. 1400 only

 Just like the previous ones this has almost the same 3 in 1 feature but placed differently The neck piece has a looped extension with a circle extended art Colorful and bright. Price- Ksh 900 only

This neck piece has a very outstanding feature that protrudes and elongates from the neck piece The extended art has 3 circles very colorful and brightly colored
 Price- Ksh 900 only

The piece has a very beautiful feature The feature is eagle like and it is colorful and can wear brightly colored outfit
 Prices Ksh 800 only

With this climate,one needs a scarf Especially ladies with open chest clothes This is perfect for you and it is beaded too
 Price- Ksh 500

 Cluth bags with a round beaded feature
Price- Ksh 400 only

Maasai sandals They are comfortable and beaded sandals that can be weared any places both official and contemporary places
Price- Ksh 900 only

 Art works The maasai man with his wife and kid Calabash and the spear Made of a very traditional material
Price- Ksh 800 only

The art work of the big five animals Strong traditional material used to make Glass protection and for clear view
Price- Ksh 1000 only

 Moran man standing on one leg Probably looking after his animals With a spear and rungu
Price- Ksh. 1000 only (the little sized one vary per price)

An old man greeting two boys traditionally With his walkig stick Traditionally made material and glass for protection and clear view
Price- Ksh 750 only

Earrings that are beaded all round, light to carry and admiring

Price- Ksh 100 only

 Finger rings that are all round beaded Strong,firm and attractive
 Price- Ksh 50 only

 For this and much more get in touch with us through 0790560016.
All the prices are subject to negotiations.

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The  beauty of someone or something always lies in the eyes of the beholder.  The pride of Maa land is the love for Nature and tradition...